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A demo day of the second joint accelerator of 500 Startups and Sberbank was held
It was the finale of the accelerator and speaking to foundations, the press and corporations
Speech at RIF 2019 in the main section on technology and people.
Roman Doronin spoke about the difference between expectation and reality.
  1. Where did the high expectations come from?
  2. Where do we need to use AI?
  3. How should we prepare for the technological revolution?
Second place in the Artificial Intelligence nomination at UrbanTech Hackathon
We came up with the EORA ShopoTok project. This is a mobile aggregator application (Like Tik Tok, Instagram), which allows you to stop the video and find clothes that people wear on the video
Speech at iSummit.
Roman Doronin and Emil Maharramov told about "Automating customer support with artificial intelligence"
Speech at AI — Conversations 2019
With a report on contact center automation at DoDo pizza. We talked about pitfalls, problems, solutions, and even showed figures.
Speeches at the evening of Sberbank at 500 Startups
We spoke 4 times for 2 minutes for 20 divisions and subsidiaries of Sberbank. As a result of the evening, we are talking with some departments about the implementation of OneChat in the work of their contact centers
Speech at the "B2B Without Water" mitap from Megaphone.
"The trends of chatbots and voice assistants, how they work, what they consist of and how they are developed?"
Sergey Ponomarenko spoke about open modern chat bots with AI
Speech at the postal technology lecture hall
We talked about data, AI, ML, neural networks, decision trees, random forests, data markup, errors, model predictability and much more
We taught the voice assistant "Alice" to identify potentially dangerous moles.
Together with the social project ZhiviBezStraha. rf and the agency Proovelab, we launched the Yandex. Alice skill "Check your mole".
With the help of the "Test your mole" skill, you can to run a self diagnostic and sign up for a free screening if you are at risk.
Speech at the TeamLead Conference
Data Science appeared not so long ago, but is developing more than rapidly. It would seem that programming is also in DS programming, however, as it turned out, there are nuances in everything that seriously distinguish DS over conventional development. And far from everything that works in the usual development is painlessly applicable in DS.
A joint Data Science course with SkillFactory!
Most of the course was prepared by the EORA team.
If you want a course with another program —
check out our corporate courses page
Yandex has published a list of official contractors for the implementation of skills for Alice
And we are in it ;)
Speech at the FLOW 2019 Conference
“Applied AI in business. Cases”
Doronin Roman
Interview on Radio 1
How and why do we consider people in electric trains?
Implemented the project
for QIWI Cashbox!
We jointly conducted data analytics, analyzed the work of providers and identified new factors that reduce the conversion in payments.
Implemented a method of transferring and processing large amounts of data without compromising the confidentiality of the company and its customers
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“I want to be like Ada Lovelace"
the winner of secur ' IT Cup 2018 - about women in IT, homomorphic encryption and a grant of $10 thousand
Published our webinar
“About Artificial Intelligence in simple words”
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