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Everything machine learning: lectures, worksheets, competitions

AI Community Innopolis

- a comminuty with participants currently or intrested in the machine learning field: locateed in the city of Innoplis
Парень в офисе AIC

Community goals

Офис AIC
AI Community (AIC) conducts lectures, workshops, Kaggle-training and analysis of scientific articles in the field of machine learning.
AIC was created by co-founder of EORA DATA LAB, data science lecturer at Skillfactory Emil Maharramov.
Popularization of machine learning
Excahnge of experience, developments, and new information in the field of machine learning
Joint participation in Kaggle-competitions and hackathons
Analysis and sicusssion of scientific machine learning publications
Machine Learning Workshops
Tools for training neural networks
Introduction to Computer Vision
Introduction to neural networks
Introduction to Natural Language Processing and Processing
All seminars are on our YouTube channel

Lectures from Data Science stars

Valery Babushkin
Victor Kantor
Artem Kondyukov
Pavel Pleskov

Machine learning is the profession of the future

What do you understand about a career in Data Science after ten years of work

Machine learning in chemistry. Workshop from BIOCAD

How to win any Data Science competition

All lectures are on our YouTube channel

Our teachers

Emil Maharramov
Anton Kiselev
Vladislav Vinogradov
Konstantin Kubrak
Viacheslav Schultz
Sergey Verentsov
Team Leader at BIOCAD
Machine Learning specialist at Provectus
Head of Computer Vision at EORA
Chief operating officer, EORA
Senior Lecturer at AI Community Innopolis
EORA Technical Director
Valery Babushkin
Victor Kantor
Artem Kondyukov
Pavel Pleskov

Invited experts

X5 Retail Group
Kaggle Grandmaster
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- answers to any questions about ML
- links to lectures and open courses on machine learning
- announcements of hackathons and Kaggle-competitions
- job advertisements for specialists
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