Shop of ready-made computer vision models and tools for assessing the speed, quality and accuracy of models

Vision Hub

Who is the platform for

Hosting for models
With Vision Hub, you don't have to spend extra money on DevOps and MLOps teams. The system automatically turns on and off the servers when the model is not in use and can automatically scale under high load
Shop of ready-made models
Large number of ready-made models are available in our marketplace, which can be easily integrated via API into any systems.
Model usage statistics
It is easier to find the right person when there is access to a single database of integrators and developers and filtering by rating and specialization.
Для бизнеса
Faster and cheaper
reduction in the cost of video analytics due to the ability to reuse developments, accelerate the implementation process and the possibility of reselling unique solutions
Convenient model transfer
Inside the system, a unified way of storing and transferring developments - all models are stored in the form of docker containers
Database of proven models
each item in the catalog is accompanied by information about its accuracy and speed on devices such as GPU Server, NVIDIA Jetson, Intel NCS, etc.
Application implementation
The ability to sell licenses for the use of ready-made solutions with built-in video analytics through the store
Для бизнеса

in the result

you know whom you are hiring, what you are going to implement and how it will work on real devices through large database
of proven models with known characteristics and a demo period
Prizes for winning competitions
Good performances allow to get additional income, prizes from partners and an increase in the rating
Fast implementation of models
It is easier for customers and integrators to notice the model for use in real projects with a pay-per-use model
Standardized datasets
Attached to each task and available for use by developers
Для разработчиков

Earnings without unnecessary worries

You are engaged in science and only put the cost on your CV- models, and everything else will be done for you: integrators and businesses will find your development themselves. And thanks to the platform's capabilities, it will be sold many times
Already available video analytics models
A model for detecting the number of people in a certain area of the camera's coverage. Can be used: in retail to determine the need to open cash registers or adjust the staff work schedule, to identify dead zones in a store in public transport logistics to determine the exact workload and adjust the schedule in the analysis of attendance at exhibition stands to determine the most and least interesting places

Counting people in an area

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