EORA Dialog Systems

We create and help to implement chatbots and skills for voice assistants.
We automate contact centers.

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We create "smart" assistants who answer questions, inform and recognize images. Our bots are integrated with the internal information systems of companies and can run on the client's servers.
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Skills for voice assistants

We teach Alice and other assistants to talk about the brand, products, conduct promotions and answer the widest range of questions.
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We automate contact centers

We help to unload ordinary operators and simplify the scaling of contact centers. Our bots process incoming calls and messages on an equal basis with people, reduce the waiting time for a response, and improve customer feedback.
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Interactive services for the Sber ecosystem

We create games for children, interactive fairy tales. EORA makes turnkey projects: creates graphics, effects, masks, prepares voice acting, thinks over the internal mechanics.
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We develop

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Dialog Systems

Stoloto skill for Alice

Dialog Systems

Dodo-pizza contact center automation

Dialog Systems

Interactive fairy tale AmNyam for SberBox

Our projects

Video cases

Dialog Systems
How we automated the Dodo Pizza contact center
Dialog Systems
Skill for checking "Stoloto" lottery tickets
Dialog Systems
Cat grooming quiz
Dialog Systems
Interactive tales about AmNyam for SberBox


zDialog платформа


Platform for creating and maintaining dialogue systems
Works both in the cloud and on client servers
Compatible with popular instant messengers and voice assistants
Supports the most requested machine learning libraries
Development is carried out in Python - the second most popular programming language
Simplifies service integration with computer vision models


Dialogue systems analytics service
Simple and clear displays the main metrics of the chatbot
Allows you to quickly improve a new service
Automatically highlights words and phrases that the bot did not understand
Displays the results of the bot in real time
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EORA principles

We are constantly learning
We read scientific research, reproduce best practices, participate in hackathons, quickly adapt our development platform for new instant messengers and voice assistants.
We are passionate about projects
Understanding all types of AI
We have our own project management system related to processing and natural language processing. With its help, we keep track of ongoing and completed developments.
We are expanding the capabilities of dialogue systems by introducing various AI services. For example, we create chat bots with computer vision.
We create our own development tools
The disadvantage of ready-made solutions is the lack of flexibility and the impossibility of "fine tuning". Our services allow you to create something new without regard to the limitations of the platform.
We share knowledge and experience
EORA specialists often speak at industry conferences, conduct free lectures, teach at Skillbox, Skillfactory, Moscow State University, NTI University, Skolkovo.
Developing a community
EORA is the core of the AI Community, a machine learning developer community. It includes over 800 people - our potential partners or employees.

Facts about EORA

year of foundation of the studio
completed projects
certified by Yandex and Sber
offices in Moscow and Innopolis
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