Purina для котят, котик
Purina для собак, котик с собакой

Chatbot in widget on Purina promo site and main site

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Project information

Purina Friskies logo
Purina logo


Related project

Advertising agency Mindshare for PURINA Friskies, a pet food manufacturer.
Purina Master Bot
A universal bot designed to reduce the hotline load for Purina's websites


Create a chatbot on a promo website.


Owners of cats and dogs.

Chatbot purpose

Chatbot in the widget of the promo site, through which all communication and targeted actions go.

How chatbot works

User buys PURINA Friskies brand food
Quiz passes
Sends feedback link to chatbot
Receives a bonus check
Upload receipts to the chatbot on the client's promo website
Takes part in the drawing of gifts

Chatbot functions

Answer questions about promotions, check uploads, registration, Friskies products, and pet care.
Request communication with the operator.

Interesting fact

During the campaign, more than 20 000 checks were uploaded.

Development process

Step 05
Checking the script for operability
Step 06
Launching a chatbot in full-fledged mode
Step 03
Review analyst
Step 02
Automatic testing
Step 01
Preparing the script
Step 04
Testing with the Mindshare manager


We used two of our products to develop this skill.



Simple and convenient platform for developing chatbots, voice assistants and contact center automation systems.
AI service for chatbots analytics. Allows you to conduct a deeper analysis of human-robot dialogues and get a more accurate assessment of the effectiveness of the bot.
Платформа zDialog
ИИ-сервис OneDash

Project team

Purina Friskies logo
Project Manager
Analyst and QA tester
Anton Kapridov
Lesha Sherchenkov
Anna Michnik
Sergey Verentsov

Other projects with Nestlé

Purina in Alice

Quiz with questions about grooming cats.
A chatbot that helps a dog transition to Purina One food

Purina One

Universal chatbot for Purina promo pages and main site.

Purina master- bot

Features of the project

Several companies were involved in this project at once:
Third party company audited the system for compliance with security standards.
Advertising texts were written by specialists from the marketing agency Mindshare.
We were responsible for the development of the chatbot.
The development of the promo site was outsourced.

Our plans

Further collaboration with Mindshare
Integration with WhatsApp
Great FAQ on the site
Contact us