EORA zDialog

Python framework for building complex dialog systems

Features of zDialog

Dialogue structure in Python

Fast addition of new functionality

Integration with multiple platforms

Simple integration of complex machine learning models

Extend the functionality of your connectors with your modules
Output of the same bot to different channels
Save user information
Python диалог
Коннекторы Python
Вывод одного и того же бота в разные каналы

Local deployment capability


zDialog components

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DSL - allows you to describe scenarios of user interaction
- flexible context management
- states
- request handlers
- slot filling
- contextual choice of intent
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Integrations - allow you to display the bot in different channels
- widgets
- telephony
Facebook, Telegram, VK, WhatsApp
FAQ - classifier of incoming questions
- flexible choice of handlers
- FAQ handler
- interface for additional training
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Infrastructure and interface
- logging
- saving the history of dialogues
- DevOps
- collection of statistics
Most frameworks position themselves as platforms with a set of ready-made solutions, "no programming". But the lack of flexible development tools severely limits the range of features a new bot can get.

zDialog simplifies the bot creation process like other frameworks. But it is more flexible than some of its counterparts. Here the developer can control the entire process of creating a bot: from writing a script to selling.
Sergey Verentsov
EORA Technical Director
Dialog Systems

Chatbot that introduces investors and residents of Skolkovo

Dialog Systems

Automation of the contact center "Dodo Pizza"

Dialog Systems

Skill to help you calculate insurance

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