Bot for a million: how we automated the Dodo Pizza contact center

Telephony bot

Додо пицца лого
Додо пицца ресторан
Додо пицца
Dodo Pizza is a pizzeria chain, one of the largest catering chains in Russia.
Unload the Dodo Pizza contact center using a voice bot.
Додо пицца лого
In 2019, Dodo and EORA launched a pilot project: a voice bot that answered calls on a specific topic in Dodo Pizza
The customer was satisfied with the service and decided to expand the range of requests that the bot could handle.
At first, the bot only accepted calls from users who placed an order
To make it "learn" other topics faster, we began to transfer all calls to the bot.

What calls does the bot handle


Bot already knows

Bot examines

courier late complaint
product complaint
change of delivery method
order cancellation
minimum order amount
order preparation time
the presence of a children's room
the address

Additional functions

The bot notifies about the work of the pizzeria on holidays.
If a customer who made an order calls, the bot first reports the status of the order.
The message turns on and off automatically, in relation to the calendar. Dodo used to add it manually.
Then the bot asks what else it can help (for example, provide information about the work schedule).

Interesting fact

In order for the bot to better recognize the subject of  the request, we used 1000 of the most popular lines and 1000 more lines from a random sample.

Development process

Launched a chatbot in pilot mode
Collected statistics on his work
Launched a chatbot in «combat» mode
Analyzed the «bot-man» dialogues
Added new dialogue scripts
Debugged, launched the bot
Step 01
Step 02
Step 03
Step 04
Step 05
Step 06
To speed up development and debugging, we switched to our own services.
With the zDialog platform from EORA it is possible to do more fine-tuning of the service. For example, turn on the informant only on the eve of the holidays.


We used the following services in our work:
A simple and convenient platform for developing chat bots, voice assistants and contact center automation systems.
The AI service for chatbots analytics provides a detailed assessment of their effectiveness.



Yandex SpeechKit

Speech recognition and synthesis technology from Yandex
Yandex SpeechKit технология
zDialog фреймворк
OneDash сервис

Project team

Додо пицца лого
Project manager
Script editor
Technical Director
Sergey Ponomarenko
Sergey Verentsov
Alexey Sherchenkov
Anna Michnik
Anton Kapridov
Tatiana Popova

Emotions from the project

«The project is cool, because, firstly, the customer is big and he has a lot of data. Secondly, we can immediately show the result: the person who calls Dodo is talking to our bot».
Sergey Verentsov
Project manager


calls per month
processes the bot in «combat» mode
accuracy of recognition of the topic of treatment within the pilot
rubles per month
saving by the bot in «combat» mode
~450 000
> 1 000 000


«Latest data: your bot recognizes the topic 85% of the time. I don't know how you did it, but this is an awesome result!»
Alexey Medvedovsky
Leader of the IT direction of the contact center «Dodo Pizza»


A separate group of operators will appear in «Dodo» to handle complaints. We want to teach the bot to recognize the order complaint and switch to the operator.
Soon it will be possible to see the location of the courier and the estimated delivery time in the Dodo application. Our bot will report this information when you call the contact center.
The list of topics that the bot can work out will expand even further. We are now approving them.
Додо пицца

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