Мама укладывает ребенка
Сказка перед сном для детей
Сказки для Алеши

The skill that reads fairy tales to a child before bedtime

Google Assistant Skill

Main information


Large Russian baby food brand


Children and their parents.


Develop a skill for a voice assistant who will tell popular children's audio stories.

Skill purpose

The voice assistant can read fairy tales and call the child
by name.

Development process

Making edits.
We launch the project
Conduct UK testing using thirty people
Conduct extensive testing among the client's team
Vocalizing the project. We were present at the dubbing of the project
Coming up with the concept, designing game mechanics
We studied and recieved material from the client

Scheme of work

Ask the voice assistant to play bedtime fairy tales
State the name of the child.
Choose a fairy tale.
The skills responds to the previously specified name upon re-entery
The skill will simpy use «baby» if it does not recognize a name

What the skill looks like

The skill is getting to know the child.
Offers fairy tales to choose from.
Tells an audio tale.
Навык общается с ребенком
Список сказок для детей
Навык читает сказку ребенку

Difficulties of the project

Unfortunately, due to the peculiarity of Google Assistant, the voice command did not always bring up our application.
We made the application on Google engine, Dialog Flow, rather than zDialog
At frist, the skill would ask the child questions for a interactive experrience and determine when a child was reaedy to go to sleep.
We decided to keep the skill in just a audio fairy tale format despite not have any technical difficulties


«Probably, it was necessary to position the application differently - not bedtime stories, but breakfast stories, for example. Then more interactive elements could be used»
«Наверное, надо было по‑другому позиционировать приложение — не сказки на ночь, а сказки за завтраком, например.
Тогда можно было бы использовать больше
интерактивных элементов»

Some statistics

5k - 6k
Monthly audience use of the skill
during peak usage (March 2018)

Interesting fact

Our fairy tales where recognized as the fastest growing skill inside Russian Google assistant

Testing method

First, we made a controlled test for 100 users
Collected feedback from small traffic, made edits.
Decided to stick with simpler mechanics.
Got the word out and the traffic started to flow. We recieved several complaints that children couldn't fall asleep because the interaction was too exciting
Conducted UX testing and made further improvemnets
Ran testing on various devices and resolved previously unnoticed problems in the assistant itself

Interesting Facts

It was necessary to control the complex system of gluing sentences in the text of the tale.

We were in the studio and helped record the voice acting portion

More than 500 most common baby names logged

Over 1000 baby names recorded

Project team

Sergey Afanasiev
Anton Shipov
Project Manager
Sergey Verentsov
Roman Afanasiev
Anton Kapridov

Skill user quote:

It's so cute that even I listen to it, although I'm already 18;)

Results of the project

We can implement similar projects for various voice assistants. For example, an application that helps tell stories through video calls using masks.
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