GIFTERY app for the services of the Sber Salute

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GIFTERY is a service for the sale and instant delivery of gift certificates that unites many brands on a single resource
We have created a convenient conversational bot GIFTERY, which shows the assortment, accepts the order and payment, and also helps with delivery at the right time and to the right place



Enter the Sber's ecosystem Salute. This is a family of voice assistants that save the customer's time

How we did it

Integrated with the Giftery API

Step 02

We have developed a very detailed scenario of communication with the customer

Step 01

Made a shopping cart that saves the customer's choice to continue the purchase later

Step 03

Optimized the selection and payment process with the help of Sber components, visualized everything

Step 04

Challenges we are facing



During development , it is necessary to lay down three different communication manners at once: both in the text for each of the possible dialogues, and in the voice acting of all the characters.


There are three virtual assistants in the Salute app: Athena, Sber and Joy. Everyone has their own character, voice and manner of communication. The user can choose with whom it is more pleasant for him to have a dialogue.

What can GIFTERY do

buy and give certificates at the date and time appointed by the customer
find the necessary certificates by search query, not just by catalog
respond in detail to customer requests
make the purchase convenient

Lead time

>3 months
A team of four people, despite the difficult moderation process in Sber Salut


Flexible service for the development of dialog systems


A platform for collecting analytics in live mode



SmartMarket Studio

Unified app development platform for Salyut assistants

Interesting fact

GIFTERY after launch became the best new application according to SberBank Salyut, and the rating from users was — 5 stars

Project team

Project manager
Ivan Starkov
Backend developer
Alexey Zelenov
Team leader
Alexey Sherchenkov
Voice Interface Designer
Anastasia Lisovaya

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