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Basic information


The Coty company is exclusive distributor of well-know and globally accepted brands: Calvin Klein, Cerruti, David Beckham, Vera Wang, etc.
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The main idea is to implement the personalised perfume selection mechanic in order to make product search more convenient and simple in online store of perfumes and cosmetics.


«The perfume advisor» is the skill for Alice. Intelligent voice assistant can suggest to the user present options, included photos with short description.

Way work of skill

User say:
«Alice, begin the skill «Perfume advisor»
Alice ask some questions about recipient of the present.
personality trait
budget for buying
Bot sends the suitable card product in chat
If user does’t like the product, Alice will show other options.
If user approves the product, he will click link and buy the perfume.

Interesting fact

Initially the project was dedicated to «gender events» such as International Women’s Day or Fatherland Defender’s Day. The customer added the second script, this is search for a personal perfume one year later. This option has become more popular than being perfume as gift.

Timeline for the finalisation

September – November, 2019
October, 2020
November, 2019 – March, 2020
December, 2020 – March, 2021
The first flight
Second flight:

Challenges of the project:

Bottles of perfume


The perfumes have a foreign names, mainly on French and Italian.
The description of the perfume also has a lot of unusual words, for instance, makes of the exotic fruits.


Alice most likely to makes mistakes in accent and pronunciation.
Although we often looked at the dictionary to understand what it’s about.


We wrote in Cyrillic each name, that synthesised voice response was more or less natural.
Of course, it mast have looked strange in text form. Despite this, Alice began to sound more convincing.
We’ve taught Alice to pronounce complex foreign names of perfume

About numbers

More than 35 thousands of people benighted from Alice’s skill during the autumn, 2021 — spring, 2021

Project team

Coty logo
Sergey Verensov
Ivan Starkov
Project manager
Sergey Afanasiev
Project manager
Anna Marashova
Anton Kapridov
Alexei Sherchenkov


We used our’s own services:



This is the framework for creation universal dialogue systems. Chat-bots emerge here with the artificial system of computer vision.
Analytic service of dialogue systems. This provides detailed information about voice assistants’s, chat-bots’s, call centres’s work in live mode.
Appearance of zDialog
OneDash Appearance

Bloggers promoted the project

Tatyana Mingalimova (@tatyanacosmos),
Gentle editor
I had to help Santa to choose the gift for myself using the new unique Alice’s skill – «perfume advisor».
«It will assist you in selection of perfume based on requests and budget. All you need is just make a purchase in online store in one click.»

What have we learned?

We have learned to optimise the old product matrix:
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We used Excel-matrix with detailed description of products during the first launch.
The name, description, SQ, volume, price and other important information are indicated in the tables.
Some products, that were categorised («for women», «from 2000 to 4000 rubles»), have had individual tables with a several hundred lines.
All documents have been manually edited.
Our team in cooperation with Django’s admin developed web-interface to simplify the work.
The matrix was «fed» to computer model, that began independently update the products data. We just needed to note the product’s category.
Although the customer didn’t use our service, in the next project for Karher company it worked perfectly.

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