Virtual Avatar at the stand of Gazprombank
for Startup Village

Gazprombank is the third largest bank in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of equity capital.
We created a bot that talked to visitors about modern banking technologies.
Draw attention to the stand of Gazprombank at the international conference Startup Village in Skolkovo.
Interesting fact
We had to finish this project in one week and we did it!
What is the point
It's not just a bot. It is a virutal assistant called Avatar. That is, the head is not real, of course, but 3d, on the screen. The avatar can talk and it also listens to the user and can continue the conversation on several interesting topics about modern banking.
Avatar can tell about NFTs, digital ruble, tokenization,
virtual card, and Masterchain.
External view of the Gazprombank stand at the Startup Village conference in Skolkovo
How it works
In addition to banking, we prescribed the bot and reactions to ordinary replicas. It could say hello, tell who it was, and even respond to a compliment or complaint.
Bot has scenarios and lines for conversation
Text which written needs to be voiced - SpeechKit, which we integrated, works for this. There is an audio recording.
The desired text goes to SpeechKit
The avatar is already on the screen «pronouncing» the text - the head moves and moves its lips.
Records are sending to Avatar
In order to continue the dialogue, the user pushes a button and asks a question - everything repeats. The button needed to make it easier for a person and an avatar to communicate in a noisy exhibition.
User asks a question
Interesting fact
We had to separately teach the avatar to pronounce special words, for example, “tokenization”. We fiddled with the markup.

Development scheme



German Tarasov
Sergey Ponomarenko
Project manager
Anna Michnik
Dialogue designer
Sergei Verentsov
Tecnical director


zDialog фреймворк


A platform for creating a digital avatar. Due to her, we had that same “talking head”. She not only spoke but also blinked and smiled.
OneDash сервис

Yandex SpeechKit

Service for working with speech. In this project, we used only the speech synthesis technique - from text to voice.
zDialog фреймворк


This platform for creating dialogue systems. Due to this, our bots are born, get on their feet and learn
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