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LORA is a smart interactive assistant, it can entertain children in the sales office and online, while parents are busy shopping

Young people in the sales office
Photo of the residential complex


Glorax is a development company, that builds housing and creates new ecosystems for people


To create comfort and retain the client: to make the choice of an apartment easy and appropriate to all wishes, as well as to take care of the children, while the customer is talking with a representative of the company

What can LORA do?

Communicate with people, maintaining a dialogue not only with voice, but also with facial expressions
To perform marketing tasks and PR, answer customer questions
In the office, you can always set the background, choose the orientation of the video: vertical, horizontal, square, and set the mood of the voice, with which you would like to generate video
Babysit children — tell them fairy tales, chat, conduct quizzes, while adults are busy
A frame of interaction with Lora
A shot of the introduction to Lora

How LORA works?

It can recognize the voice and speak Russian and English
Express the wide range of emotions when communicating – in facial expressions on the screen and by sound. For example, the voice with which she tells fairy tales is not generated, it is recorded in audio

This is assistant for solving a wide range of tasks.

Lora's Appearance
Lora talks about the apartment complex

LORA in perspective:

In the future, the app may take over the functions on the client's website, integrating with the customer's frontend. Specifically, to conduct presentations, manage navigation, switch pages, in other words, to take over the management of the site directly, which will reduce IT costs.
For the residential complex, it will be able to call the necessary utilities — electrician, plumber, etc., as well as contact other relevant applications at the tenant's requirement.
In the sales office, LORA will be able to independently make presentations to customers on interactive screens
Conduct virtual presentations on the residential complex under construction

Project team

Margarita Pylaeva
Project manager
Alexey Sherchenkov
Team leader
Anastasia Lisovaya
Analyst designer

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