The system for segmentation and search by similar clothes for the Lamoda online store

Search for similar images
Lamoda — the largest online store in Russia and the CIS.
Recognize what type of clothing — for example, shirt or jacket — is worn on the model
Be able to search for clothes by similar images
the second one searches for similar images on the Internet
the first one allows to segment the details of clothing in the images
We have developed two tools:
How does the model distinguish between segments

Development process

We worked concurrently on on two tools.
We developed the model for clothing segmentation and handed it to the client
Step 02
We have collected and analyzed data for projects
Step 01
We made an API for searching for similar images and implemented it
Step 02
We have collected and analyzed data for projects
Step 01

Development time

1 month
Interesting fact
Blouses, shirts and T-shirts are very similar, especially if they are under the cardigan. In order to make the model work more accurately, much more data is needed.

Project team

Project Manager
Alexey Guchko
Vyacheslav Shultz
Vladislav Vinogradov
Team Lead
So far, the search tool for similar images works only for internal use.

What we have learned

We have made a convenient markup system that can now be used in other projects.
In this project, we used transfor-mation models for images for the first time.
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