Chat-bot for the selection of wallpapers on the «Leroy Merlin» website


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Basic information
The Leroy Merlin company is chain of hardware hypermarkets.
The main idea is to implement the service in order to assist visitors to sort out the wide verify of wallpapers in online store.
The chat-bot with computer vision technology. It orders products whose characteristics and appearance are suitable for user requests.
Interesting fact
The service works like the Akinator game. In it the user thinks of character, and then the Genie guesses who it is by asking leading questions. In our service, the character replaced by wallpapers and Genie – by chat-bot.
Way work
How the user sees it
The person wants to buy wallpaper by the Leroy Merlin website.
There is the wide verify of wallpapers on the website, and it is inconvenient for user to make a choice.
The website has chat-bot, that offers help to the user.
The buyer answers on the bot’s questions and indicates the base type (vinyl/paper), the room, for which the wallpaper is selected, the colour spectrum, the comfortable price and other important characteristics of the product.
The bot examines the photos in the store’s database and suggests the suitable examples of wallpapers.
The buyer reviews the examples, chooses the appropriate option and makes a purchase.
How it looks from the inside
Neural net with computer vision technology
About numbers
The Leroy Merlin online store has about 1500 titles of wallpaper
What we did:
We taught the neural net to distribute images of wallpaper into categories: photo-wallpaper, light wallpaper, wallpaper with the small pattern and so on.
What we achieved:
The neural net selects the wallpaper options that are the most suitable for the user’s description.


The construction for creation multipurpose dialogue systems


The service for hosting and evaluating the computer vision models

Vision Hub

The adaptable product search system by the photos


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OneDash сервис

Project team

Roman Doronin
Project manager (ruled the project, drunk coffee)
Sergey Verentsov
(made the chat-bot inside the widget)
Georgiy Poputnikov
(Made the widget for the site)
Ramil Gizatullin
Data scientist
(developed the algorithm for fast image search)
Konstantin Kubrak
(taught the neural net to understand wallpaper)
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The MVP preparation took the only 1 week. We made it in a short time thanks to our own development platforms.


The project challenges:

It was not easy to built the architecture of the recommender system.
The bot integration with the recommendation system was the difficult process.
The first time we have solved a similar problem for the operating online store
Creating the functional and at the same time simple service – is always not the easy task


«This service gives an appreciable economic effect when working with large group of goods: materials for repairs, clothing or food. The Akinator shortens the customers’s way from choosing products on the website to purchasing, furthermore, it allows the conversions increase. This is very convenient way to search for goods, especially when you don’t understand exactly what you need».
Roman Doronin
Where it may be used
Neural net for recognition of meter readings
Search for products by photos on the website of the online-store
Logo-plagiarism checker system
Search for furniture by photos on the website
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