Urban assistants

Universal assistants for tourists and citizens

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Basic information
Chat-bots and skills in voice assistants quickly help to become familiar with the product.
Imagine, if this service belonged not to the company but the city, the life of citizens and tourists would be easier. They would have all-knowing virtual assistant!

Urban assistants

EORA project allows to update and improve the information infrastructure of the city or region.
Voice assistant
Urban assistants can live in messenger, work on website as widget or be part of the major voice ecosystem, for instance, Alice, Sber, Marysia, Google Assistant.
Urban assistants can live in messenger, work on website as widget or be part of the major voice ecosystem, for instance, Alice, Sber, Marysia, Google Assistant.
Who is this service for?
For tourists
For residents
The assistant can help residents with solving domestic issues, from the issuance of certificates to the processing of complaints and documents.
The tourist can quickly find the way in the city, receive the most important and valuable information, feel yourself not such a stranger.
The assistant is able to reduce the burden on employees of the public utilities and simplify the search of heterogeneous information.
Urban skill for Alice
EORA has been working on the Urban assistants project since 2020. In February 2021, our team took fifth place in Yandex’s hackathon to create urban skills for Alice. We taught the voice assistant to take complaints from citizens.
You can send message or photo using Alice’s skill.
For example, the resident can tell the road services about the huge pothole on the highway.
How it works:
The user should log in on Alice’s app.
The program assigns a number to each complain and sends it to the responsible organisation.
Alice informs the user about the time frame for answering.


We used own services:
The construction for creation multipurpose dialogue systems. Chat-bots, with the artificial system of computer vision, emerge here.


AI-service for analytics and collection of chat-bots and voice assistants statistics in live mode.


zDialog фреймворк
OneDash сервис
In the world where robots deliver packages and neural nets allow diagnose cancer, every city should have own virtual representative
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