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«Absolut Insurance» is a universal insurance company, №38 in the list of insurers in Russia in terms of the amount of insurance premiums collected in 2022. №6 in the National rating of insurers on the website .


Expand the company's presence in social networks and messengers by creating a bot to answer the most pressing questions about insurance for traveling abroad


We have developed a skill for Alice's voice assistant for Absolute Insurance. In the same year, it began to be used, and we collected data and retrained the system.

2019 year

Bot functions

Insurance advice for those traveling abroad (available in the smart column and phone)

Bot features

Consultation on other products of the company (mortgage insurance, CTP, casco, etc.) using the Absolute knowledge base
The bot filled out a form on the insurer's website at the dictation of the client. The person only had to click on the link, check the data and pay for the policy
If the bot could not answer the question, it transferred the client to the operator
The bot recorded and transmitted the phone if a callback from the operator was required

2020 year

The client emphasized omnichannel

Chatbots in messengers: Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp
Chatbots in social networks: VKontakte, Facebook
Widget "Insurance for a traveler" on the insurer's website


We took the Absolute Insurance knowledge base and adapted the bot communication scenarios for different platforms. To speed up development, we switched from a third-party service to our own zDialog. It allows you to make chatbots not according to a pattern, but as we want.

how it works

The client wants to take out insurance
Writes to the chat where it is convenient for him
The bot processes the request
if the information is in the database, the bot responds independently
Translates to the operator if there is no information
Information about the request is recorded in the cloud
All data is used to train the bot

lead time

классические методы компьютерного зрения (CV)
June-December 2020
6 months



Flexible service for the development of dialog systems
классические методы компьютерного зрения (CV)


A platform for collecting analytics in live mode

project results

Chatbots work successfully on all platforms
The client plans to implement a voice bot in the contact center
классические методы компьютерного зрения (CV)
«While working with the Absolute we have created another service for motorists. The user needs to enter the VIN number of his car, and the system itself determines the make, model and calculates the cost of insurance. The service will work in the messenger»

Interesting facts

«The Absolute case is the only case when we automated communication for all popular platforms. As a rule, we create dialog systems in a messenger-social network pair. For example, as for Telegram and VKontakte»

service development plans

Storing all information about customer requests in the Absolute database (now they are in the cloud)
Introduction of the bot on the first line: answers to simple questions and transfer to the operator if the questions are complex
классические методы компьютерного зрения (CV)

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