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Main information



To launch sports channels in Telegram and Twitter, which will be led by artificial intelligence. The project was timed to coincide with the 2020 European Football Championship
Match TV is a federal sports TV channel, as well as a website with news, interviews, sports statistics and match broadcasts


Neural network service for real-time news headline generation


How it works

Headlines with summaries of the news are published on Match TV channels
The editor looks through the options and selects the most interesting ones
A neural network analyzes news headlines and creates its own variations


«The neural network was trained on Match TV news headlines and the yellow press. That's why the choices it offered were quite provocative. The best headlines were selected and published manually»
Project Developer

Sergey Verentsov

Service features

The neural network answered questions. The editor could ask them through the bot
The service could finish the headline - the editor just needed to make up the beginning
The neural network was packed into a Telegram chat bot for convenience
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пример работы нейросети
пример работы нейросети
пример работы нейросети


«To train the neural network, we collected all of Match TV's headlines since the site's launch in 2003. As you know, the more data that is used to train a service, the better the results»
Project Developer

Sergey Verentsov

The team and timeline

Development time
2 weeks
May 2020
Sergey Verentsov
Project Developer

Stages of development

preparation of the dataset for training the neural network
training on Match TV and other sports media headlines
testing the service together with the client
integration of a neural network into a Telegram chatbot
complete service launch


EORA's own chatbot builder
(Generative Pre-trained Transformer 2) is an open-source AI developed by the American company OpenAI

Project results


The neural network successfully worked for 1.5 months from June to July 2021

Project Developer
Sergey Verentsov
Now we have created a pipeline for generating any text - not only news titles, but also, for example, product names, product descriptions. The only thing we will need is data on which the neural network can learn

Media about us

Snapshot of the match tv website

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