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In "Back to the Future 2", Marty McFly visits a coffee shop where the orders are taken not by a human but by a computer. Different faces appear on his screen, voicing the menu.
We at EORA created a similar assistant for the Moscow coffee chain One&Double.

Our client wanted the bot to help visitors choose an order and entertain them.
A still from Back to the Future 2
Example of interaction with Assistant One
The assistant's name is One. He is the brand name of One & Double. He is black and looks like a coffee bean.

One greets visitors to the coffee shop by waving at them from the screen of a tablet placed near the barista's counter.
One&Double coffeehouse brand character

He knows how to

Take feedback and report when the subject is unknown to him
Answer popular questions from visitors
Talk about coffee shop specials
Acquaint you with the menu. Suggest drinks, pastries, desserts
Keep the conversation going when it's about something simple

What's inside

We created a "living" character with facial expressions and gestures, with only a flat image on hand.


One starts talking only when he sees a person close enough.

Facial Recognition System

The assistant listens carefully to what the cafe visitor says and responds according to the script of the conversation.

Speech Recognition System


«One is not only a smart voice assistant who 'knows' many different scenarios, but also a charismatic, colorful character.»
Project Manager

Rita Pylaeva

Development process

Сreated an animation. It brought the picture to life
Step 02
Developed first the "stuffing" and then the "shell" of the service
Step 03
Designed scripts for dialogs with the user, wrote texts
Step 01
Installed and configured the facial recognition system
Step 04
Tested the assistant
Step 05
Fully launched the service
Step 06
One is a program that runs in a browser. As part of a pilot project, the assistant was installed in the one coffee shop only

Development timeline

4 months
January - April 2022


A service for working with speech. In this project, we used only the speech synthesis technique - from text to voice.

Yandex SpeechKit

A ready-to-use service for face detection.



Spine, Lotty

Programs for working with animation.

Project Team

Design, Scenario and Design of a Chat-Bot
Anastasia Lisovaya
Teamlead, frontend developer
Sergey Verentsov
Project Manager
Rita Pylaeva
Backend developer
Alexey Zelenov

Challenges and discoveries

At first One "saw" very far away and tried to talk to the baristas or those in line.

Reconfigured the facial recognition system

We thought that cafe visitors would actively communicate with the assistant. But visual voice assistants are new to them. People are still wary of them, they don't dare to start a conversation.

Turned out to be poor psychologists

We took the Samsung Tab S7 tablet because it has a bright, thin display. But it turned out that in a noisy environment the tablet's built-in microphone does not work well. Because of inaccuracies in speech recognition and the bot did not always work well.

Wrong choice of hardware

Interesting fact

The standard Yandex SpeechKit voice set didn't have any that fit One. We processed the voice ourselves so that it turned out to be cartoonish, boyish - just like the character's


The service has good prospects. The priority is to accept orders independently
We successfully launched the pilot. We are planning to replace the tablet with another device with a better microphone


Independent reception and processing of orders is a very important function. It can bring a lot of value to a business in terms of sales and reach of visitors
Project Manager
Rita Pylaeva

Application areas

Coffee shops and restaurants
Retail (grocery stores, bookstores, clothing stores)
Multifunctional centers
Banks and insurance companies


«The visual voice assistant can be used in many places. Its functionality is almost universal. The assistant screen can be installed wherever there is a flow of people who need help.»
Project Manager
Rita Pylaeva

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