Chatbot identifies dog breed by photo and gives nutritional advice

Chatbot "VKontakte"

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Purina is a subsidiary of Nestle, a pet food manufacturer.


To create a VKontakte chatbot for the participants of the Purina «21 days» program, which will help dog owners transfer their pets to new food, evaluate the quality of nutrition.
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The bot tells how to feed the dog, gives advice and discounts, informs, and maintains interest in the program.

Development process

Step 01
We studied the knowledge base of the Purina contact center, selected popular queries.
Step 02
Step 03
Step 04
We integrated
the «VKontakte» chatbot with the Purina CRM system.
Step 05
Step 06
Testing, debugging.
We connected a chatbot, launched a promo.
Scripted Purina product recommendations matrix.
We integrated a neural network that recognizes the breed with a chatbot.

Key features

Recognizes the breed
of a dog from a photo
Asks about the dog's health regularly
Gives advice via email
and push notifications

How chatbot works

the user writes to the bot «participate» and provides their name and email
The bot sends to e-mail a coupon for a discount when buying feed
User uploads
a photo of his dog
The bot determines
the breed of the animal, specifies the age
and nickname
The user confirms
that he wants
to participate
in the promo program
Bot offers dog food program, connects to newsletter


We used two of our products to develop this skill.
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AI service for chatbots analytics. Allows you to conduct a deeper analysis of human-robot dialogues and get a more accurate assessment of the effectiveness of the bot.


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Interesting facts

If the bot does not know the answer it will give the option of directing the user to a operator.

Some statistics

people joined the program in a month
people signed up for the Purina newsletter
Using the companies existing data base we where able to teach a chatbot to answer questions form Purina customers
Dog nutrition programs vary according to breed and age.
Nutritional advice and mailing tips were provided by Purina experts.


Our collaboration with Nestle began back with our development of a chatbot for Purina ONE
With questions
about caring for cats.
Universal chatbot for Purina promo pages and main site.
Smart chatbot: replies to FAQ, uploads receipts, registers.

Purina quiz

Purina master bot

Purina Friskies

Project team

Technical Director
Purina logo
Anton Shipov
Sergey Verentsov
Anton Kapridov

Our plans

Launch new ad campaigns with interesting mechanics
Add information about cats to the bot's knowledge base
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