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A versatile bot for Purina websites that can be consistently be taught new material



Purina logo
Purina - subsidiary of Nestle, a pet food manufacturer.
Create a widget for the main website and Purina promo pages to reduce the load on the contact center during promotions.

Chat-bot concept

Botmaster that loads receipts, provides promo codes, and answers product related questions

A master bot can do more than a regular chat bot

register participants
conduct a quiz
answer questions from the FAQ list
log error messages
The botmaster can be adapted for new promos and take on new scripts or data as needed.
«Thanks to the bot, the load on the hotline has decreased tenfold».

Development process

Step 01
Create «human-bot» dialogue scripts
Step 02
Load content from database
Step 03
Adding a chatbot to customer websites
Launch the chat-bot in full mode
Step 06
Step 05
Debugging, updating the database
Step 04
Testing the service, collecting statistics


We used our own EORA services to develop this skill.



A simple and convenient platform for the development of chat-bots, voice assistants and contact center automation systems.
AI service for evaluating the effectiveness of chat-bots and deep analysis of human-bot dialogues.
zDialog фреймворк
OneDash сервис

Project team

Purina logo
Anton Kapridov
Project Manager
Sergey Verentsov
Anton Shipov
Alexey Sherchenkov

Other projects with Nestlé

Purina in Alice

A quiz with questions about grooming cats.

Purina One

Chatbot that helps dogs get accustomed to new food.

Purina Friskies

«Smart» chat-bot: replies to FAQ, downloads receipts, registers.


The chat-bot successfully completed the promotion.
We updated and launched the service as part of the second promotion.
With help from the botmaster, the new promotions are more cost efficient and don't require the creation of a new bot everytime, instead updates are made directly thru the system.
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