Art tea can design concept
Art tea can design concept
Art tea logo


Multifunctional bot for promo-company








To create the chat-bot to support the client’s promo-company.
The look of a pop art jar
Pop Art
The client has released the cans in pop-art style for limited edition of tea. Over next year, the company raffled prizes among the buyers of new tea.
The bot was supposed to help download receipts and focus on the promotion’s main topic – pop-art.

Way work

Chat bot has the two enter points
Vkontakte communities
Landing page
The receipts verification system
CRM for customer
Customer’s analytic service

Bot functions

Registration of participants with confirmation by email
Loading receipts for participation in the promotion and draw of prizes
Responses to questions about promotion rules from the FAQ’s list
Small talk: responses to questions about pop-art and the brightest creators
Pop-art phone wallpaper download

How the user sees it

Art tea bot screenshot
Sign up
Loading and registration of receipt
Story about pop-art
Awarding prizes
Request for information about winning

Development phases

Copywriting and script
Bot development based on material received
Integration with receipts verification services
Integration with CRM that contains the data on promotion’s participants
Integration with inner customer’s analytic service
Beta-testing by customer and start

Interesting fact

«A few months after the end of promotion, we decided to collect analytics about participants via Vkontakte. We made distribution of notifications to one of the audience segments, wrote the script for high-speed mailing of up to 400 messages per day».
Anton Shipov
Project manager




The construction for creation multipurpose dialogue systems.
AI-service for analytics and collection of chat-bots statistics.

What did we learn?

Work with the major customer and extensive user base
Create the hight-speed service for fast broadcast

The challenges we faced with:

We have reseted the chat-bot on several occasions due to regular updating of the customer’s CRM-database.
Integration with the client’s CRM system took more time than planned.

Project team

Aydar Valeev
Developer, teamlead
Anton Shipov
Project manager
Ilgizar Murzakov
David Moiseev
Created Small talk, implemented FAQ
Alexey Kazantsev
Herman’s assistant
German Tarasov
with customer CRM
Art tea logo

About numbers

The project required 3 months to complete: from preparation to project launch.

What’s next?

Implementation of self-learning bot

With the wide range of functions

Support for new customer’s promotions

In WhatsApp

New independent project

«Agyshonok» chat-bot for website, «VKontakte» communities and on «Agusha» WhatsApp channel

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